Additional Information on our replacement ReplayTV™ Service

How do I add additional ReplayTV units?

  • The free trial only covers one unit. You can add additional units at the time of payment, or anytime thereafter
  • On the "My Account" page, Click the "Purchase Services" button.
  • Click the "Add additional Unit" button
  • Adjust the shopping cart if needed and click the "Pay Now" button
  • Setup the additional unit just like you did the first one. (Change DNS)

My ReplayTV died. How do I replace it with another ?

  • Log on to your account and "Edit Account Details"
  • Blank-out or delete the dead units's serial number.
  • Follow the new unit setup procedures. The serial number should autopopulate
  • Note: Manually entering the serial number is not recommended

I have multiple ReplayTV units and they don't "see" each other

This may be due to a longstanding ReplayTV DHCP bug. Set the networking on all your ReplayTV units back to "automatic". It's safe to do this after your unit is properly configured to use PercData.

Why don't I see a lineup on my ReplayTV?

  • Once you've added a lineup to your PercData account, it should show up on your ReplayTV
  • The lineup type (Satellite, Cable, Digital Cable) determines how it appears on the ReplayTV
    • "Cable" on the PercData web site is "Analog Cable" on the ReplayTV.
    • "Local Broadcast" on the PercData web site shows up as "Digital Cable" on the ReplayTV (so you can set up the IR Blaster for the DTA)
  • Try changing the ZipCode on the ReplayTV to fetch fresh data
  • Remember, the value of postal code on the ReplayTV doesn't matter
  • If nothing seems to work, contact us for assistance

Do you support broadcast lineups

  • Yes, however you'll need to to use a DTA, digital tuning adapter.
    Common DTAs are:
    • comming soon!
  • Modern broadcast channels have a major-minor channel number.
  • The buttons you press on the DTA's remote determines the best lineup to use
  • Selecting "Local Broadcast Lineup" will product a "Digital Cable" lineup that maps 4-1 to channel 41.
  • Some DTAs work better with local DirectTV or AT&T U-Verse channel maps
  • You'll need to experiment for your particular setup

Do you have IR codes to control a <Insert device here>?

  • Search (and maybe ask) in the forum.
  • If we don't have it, community member and remote guru "The Robman" may be able to generate one.
  • Keep in mind the Replay can only send digits and enter; no periods or dashes.
  • An account is not needed to load IR codes (read about our "Goodwill Program" in the forum.)
ReplayTV™ is a trademark of DirectTV