Frequently Asked Questions about our ReplayTV Service

How much does it cost??

  • Free 7 day trial for one unit.
  • Free 7 day trial includes dialup rights
  • Initial Pricing: (3-month term)
    • US $21 First Unit
    • US $12 Additional Unit
    • US $9 Modem access (per dialup device)
  • Annual pricing will be available in a couple of months

How do I use your service with my ReplayTV?

  • First you sign up for an account using our web form.
  • You are automatically given a 7 day trial for one Replay with dialup access.
  • Nothing is charged automatically, you can pay once you know you love it!
  • Once you've registered and we've confirmed your email, add at least one lineup.
  • If you're not in the Eastern Timezone, click "edit" on our ReplayTV config section and set your timezone.
  • Next, connect with your Replay.
    • First, power cycle your ReplayTV to clear the DNS cache.
    • On the ReplayTV main screen select setup.
    • Network Attached units
      • On the ReplayTV's main menu, select "Network and Input Settings"
      • set both DNS servers to
      • When done, select "keep all settings"
      • Do not select "Change from manual to automatic"
    • Dialup units
      • Use 411-Zones to get your serial number and edit a device on the Perc web page.
        (There's no chance of auto-configuration like network based units)
      • You will need to make a long distance call to Dallas, TX. (~5-15 min/day)
      • We are looking into other dialup options
      • Select Setup: telephone. Change your zip and phone to something different
      • At the "prepend digits" prompt, enter 1972xxxxxxx (drop the 1 if in Dallas)
      • Special info for 5xxx models
        • ReplayTV 5xxx units only allow 6 "prepend digits" so this won't work.
        • For these models, if you do a network connect to Perc, it will set the phone number
        • Another option is to dial from another phone, but timing is tricky
        • To use another phone you'll want to disable dial tone detection
        • To disable dial-tone, press "ZONES" on the "predial digits" screen.
      • Once configured you can remove the "predial digits", but it is not necessary.
    • You can choose any zipcode and phone prefix (they are not used)
    • The system should connect and provide lineup choices
  • If you get a download error, you may need to manually add your Replay unit's serial number
    • Press 411-Zones on the replay to get the serial number
    • On the Perc Data "My Account" web page, edit a deivce and add your serial number
    • Retry the setup again
  • If you have any questions or problems, Contact Us

My ReplayTV device already has a lifetime subscription, why should I pay you?

You have a valid gripe with Digital Networks North America and DirectTV (owners of ReplayTV). We are not affilliated with any of those companies except as customers, just like you. We've used knowledge collected by the ReplayTV user community over the years to replicate the service.

Why can't I use WiRNS? It's cheaper.

You can. This project (code name LaHo RNS) was created by WiRNS and Schedules Direct developers to provide users an easier expereince without the need to run a server on a Windows box. We are essentially a hosted WiRNS and Schedules Direct solution.

What does LaHo RNS Stand for?

Last Hope ReplayTV Network Server.

What about the annoying messages about the guide shutting down

Connect to us once and those messages go away. (you don't even need an account)

Ok, I love my ReplayTV box and want to keep using it. What do I need to do?

Check out the ReplayTV Instructions