Perc Data Approved Devices

DVBLinkDVBLink product suite
HDHRFlingHDHRStream allows streaming from a HD HomeRun to iOS, Android, Web Browser and Roku
JRiver MediaCenterdescription: JRiver builds networked media solutions for end users and corporate partners.
ReplayTVGuide Data for ReplayTV devices
TubeStickEquinux Tubestick
TVMosaicTVMosaic product suite
ModulusModulus PVR

If your hardware or software device is not listed here, then it is a violation of our Subscriber Agreement to use Perc Data services.

If you are a developer of an innovative product you'd like to bring to market but are concerned about losing money offsetting low volume sales with the high cost of providing TV listings data yourself, please contact us. We may be able to help.